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Pomeroy is located half way between Fort Dodge and Storm Lake on Highway 4 & 7 in Northwest Iowa.


Pomeroy "Homecoming"

Pomeroy Homecoming is held on the second Saturday in July. 


History of Pomeroy

In Pomeroy's infancy the rustle and bustle of new growth was evident on every corner. New Businesses, homes, and churches sprouted up from the flat rich prairies of Calhoun County, Iowa. The Railroad was instrumental in the success of Pomeroy. It bridged the gap between small rural towns and larger cities. The railroad would take passengers to Fort Dodge and haul cattle to Chicago.

On a warm summer evening July 6, 1893, an event that would haunt Pomeroy forever descended upon several communities leaving in its wake 71 dead and many wounded. Communities that surrounded the devastated area acted quickly to come to the aid of those oppressed by the storm.

Again there was the hustle and bustle of new growth springing up from the ruins. Some families moved on others picked up the pieces and rebuilt, having to do so without grandparents, wife, sister, daughter, mother, husband, son, brother, or father. Babies without parents were given to other families to raise. The cemeteries in and around Pomeroy have many tombstones that are dated July 6, 1893 or soon after. F. W. Spraue wrote a book about the tornado called The Story of a storm, copyrighted in 1893 an printed by The Henry O. Shepard Company of Chicago. This book takes the reader on a journey from the beginning of the storm's path in a compelling tale of destruction, death, and numerous mericless of survival. House to house the writer takes the reader on a tour of each household effected. This book also has illustrated pictures of the storm's path as well as copies of photographs. Listed in the back of the book are the people and businesses that volunteered their time, services, and money to the survivors. It is a wonder anyone survived the devastation from looking at the pictures in this book. Visit the Mini Mall located on Ontario street and enjoy the small tornado museum.

Pomeroy was rebuilt and the spirit of prosperity was alive once again. At Pomeroy's height there were about 50 business places and one public and two parochial schools Lutheran and Catholic. There was a beautiful Legion Hall, capable of holding wedding receptions and numerous family gatherings. Legion Day was a local celebration in Pomeroy, complete with rides, hometown food stands, and an ice cream social. At one time two Doctors practiced medicine in town; Dr Webber and Doctor Taylor. Doctor Taylor's office is still standing across from the bank. There were also two banks, 2 barbershops, several beauty parlors and a nice post office. The business district included a Hotel, Women's and men's clothing stores, butcher shop, drugstore, blacksmith, and several grocery stores. Pomeroy also had two lumber stores and a stock yard. Almost everything you needed, Pomeroy was able to provide.

In 1921 the dirt roads in town were paved keeping up with the pace of the automobile. Horse and buggy made way for the more convenient and modern travel of automobiles. Several gas stations thrived in Pomeroy. The invention of automobiles allowed faster individual travel from town to town.     

The Historical Society is located in the former First National Bank, also known as the former Mutual Insurance Building. On most 2nd Saturday celebrations the Historical Society has lunch or breakfast at the Community Building. They welcome you to their Second Saturday events and encourage you to visit the museum.

Entrepreneur Leonard Olson has been developing the Pomeroy Downtown District to reclaim the special atmosphere of yesterday, with his Kaleidoscope shop and the College of Leonard, Mr. Olson is creating unique experiences for people. Stop in and visit his studio, where you will able to make your own piece of art to wear or use. If you are planning to visit the shop, Leonard recommends that you page him first. Please visit his website for additional information.

Many talents have walked the main street of Pomeroy. Byron's, the local bar in town, comes alive with local and international talents. Bands have been known to occupy his establishment on Sunday afternoons as well as a street dance during the summer. Visit Byron's website for additional information about bands and their schedules.

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